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CareOne Staffing hired us to build a custom medical website that allows them to offer online scheduling collaboration between care providers and medical facilities.

  • Logo
  • Web Design
  • Online Scheduling
  • Website Security
  • Client and Employee Login
  • Online Application Process

CareOne administrators and medical facilities can create needed medical shifts using an easy online click calendar that will then send a text notification to all involved that a shift is available. Caregivers can then log in to their secure web portal and fill the needed medical shift. In addition to the online scheduling, CareOne Staffing hired us to create an online employee application system that allows potential caregiver employees to complete and save over a dozen medical documents, create a personal medical profile, and upload and save documents and images pertaining to their medical profession and employee legal and eligibility status. Once all of the required documents are completed and uploaded, and they are hired on as an employee, they will have their account upgraded allowing them to utilize the online medical staffing system built by Jasons Cart.


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